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We stand to learn a lot from our new interns

This month the council has welcomed 11 new interns on a year’s work placement, to help them gain some real job experience and improve their skills.

The difference with the programme is that all 11 are adults with either learning difficulties or disabilities which may have made it harder for them to find work until now.

It’s right that the council does what it can to help residents who face extra barriers that prevent them from finding work or achieve whatever personal goals they might have.

Already, we’ve had positive feedback from the adults and their parents on how much they are enjoying their work and are grateful for the opportunities the council has provided for them.  And as well as the interns gaining valuable experience I have a suspicion that we as a council might also learn a lot from them. Certainly I’ll be watching their progress with interest and I’ll keep you updated on how they’re getting on.

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