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Big Help is doing great work here in Knowsley

Last month I was invited along to an Open House event at the Big Help Project, which runs the Foodbank here in Knowsley.

The event was one of the ways in which they were marking five years in the borough. What a fantastic team they have, working so hard to help people in our communities in times of crisis.

As I have written before, I find it desperately sad that services like Foodbanks are needed in our country, let alone in our borough. My colleagues and I are painfully aware that there are some people in pretty desperate personal circumstances in our borough – as there are right across the UK. We always have those people in our minds whenever we are thinking about how we, as a council, should support our communities.

It was really humbling but also heartening to hear some of the stories about the Foodbank and how it has helped local people. They really are doing a great job and if you can support them in any way, I’d urge you to do so. This year Big Help are one of the Mayor of Knowsley’s chosen charities, and I know that means a lot to them as it will help them raise extra funds this year – but of course they can always use more!

You can find out more about the Big Help Project on their website at

The picture above shows me with Meera Gandhi, the Founder of the Giving Back Foundation, and Cllr Peter Mitchell, Executive Chair of the Big Help.