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Benefits of City Region work means millions invested in growing our fortunes

As anyone who takes an interest in the work of the Liverpool City Region will know, there is a lot of work going on to help the City Region grow and develop – especially in terms of economy and skills.

And now there is some serious investment going in to help accelerate this – with a total of £458m being allocated to projects that can help us achieve our ambitions in business growth and sector development, research and development, skills development and adult education, transport and infrastructure, regeneration projects, improving town centres and developing the region’s cultural offer.

This is all thanks to the securing of monies from the Single Investment Fund, with the prospectus agreed at the last meeting of the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority on September 16, outlining what can be funded, the level of funding available and who is eligible to apply. This shows that by working together we are making a tangible difference to the future of our communities.

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