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October 2016

Get online and see what you can do

It’s Get Online Week and the council is hoping to inspire even more of our residents to think digital when it comes to getting in contact.

For some years now, the council has been developing our online ‘offer’ for residents – making it easier to contact us, report issues and pay bills using the council website, rather than having to ring up or come and see us in person.

Not only is that more convenient for you but it also helps the council save money – every transaction that takes place online is significantly cheaper than if it were dealt with over the phone or in person.

We recently improved our website to make it even easier to report things, pay bills or get information – take a look and you’ll see that we’ve gone for a design which uses eye-catching easy to understand icons which means you should be able to do whatever you need to do within just a few clicks.

So next time you need to contact the council, why not try doing it online? You’ll be amazed how much quicker and easier it can be.