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My name is Cllr Andy Moorhead, and I’m the leader of Knowsley Council.

My blog is a place where I’ll share with you some of the important things that are going on in our borough, share my thoughts and hopes for our area, and help explain the work your local council is doing and the decisions we are taking that may affect you or your family.

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Our first successful intake of interns with the Mayor of Knowsley, Cllr Frank Walsh.

Interns project was so worthwhile

Last year, we took on 11 young adults with learning disabilities or difficulties as interns, working in various roles across the council – and the outcomes were fantastic, for all concerned!

Committed council staff are great value for money

Accusations of “fat cats” and overpaid directors at councils are easy to throw around, but those who make the allegations have very little experience of managing a complex organisation like a local authority.